‘Time Management for Creative People’ by Mark McGuinness, is a wonderful e-book with the subtitle ‘manage the mundane — create the extraordinary.’ It’s a fast, meaningful read that sheds a bright light on how to manage time, interruptions and even the dreaded creative block. The book also cites some of the most creative minds on earth.

Cost: Zero

Oddpodz review: Cranking out a steady flow of ideas and creative solutions is my skill, talent and pays my mortgage. I love what I do. And feel so fortunate that my right brain leads me through life. I enjoy many days when the faucet is on and it’s so easy to create. I also struggle with deadlines and a deep sensitivity to stuff that rudely pops up without invitation and causes me great stress and detours to get projects finished. Mark’s book nails all of this. It’s on my list of all time favorites and I highly recommend you read it.