Those unfamiliar with The SEO Rapper get thyself immediately to the SEO Rapper site and his YouTube page. We highly recommend:

The Design Rap

If you have animation / Please use moderation; Because search engines can’t / Index the information.


The Paid Search Rap

Research all your keywords and your phrases / they all sound good but they may not be a factor / several ways to check and I prefer word tracker / very vague phrases should get denied / longtail keyphrases are more qualified.

And that’s just the beginning. After the break, we learn how the SEO raps came to be and what Chuck sees as the most common online marketing mistakes.

1. You’re known as The SEO Rapper because of your how-to YouTube raps on things like conversion closing and paid searches. What made you come up with raps for these subjects?

Well, I love hip hop and I write all types of music. Currently my profession is in SEM, SEO and Social Media Consulting with Pop Labs. At first is was for fun, testing myself to see if I could it. After I realized I could, I figured I see how many different industry related topics I could do.

2. You operate you own record label and manage artists is Houston. What would you say is the most important Internet marketing feature you use?

Ummm…I’d have to say…email marketing, MySpace and YouTube for right now.

Unfortunately, most of the local artist and even fans of these artist aren’t familiar with Virb and Twitter. A few don’t understand the concept of blogging. I try to encourage them to write articles about music and their daily lives and create blog post so potential fans can begin to know them personally.

3. As an online marketing expert, what would you say is the most common mistake you see?

Oh my….I’ll give you 3. When a business signs up for Pop Labs service and that account is assigned to me, and they’ve tried online marketing before, the most common mistakes I see are:

SEM – They haven’t organized their keywords into ad groups. They put them all in one big campaign with vague ad text.

SEO – keyword stuffing, no links, not enough content, or using frames.

Social Media – bad content…poorly written blog posts, not a consistent message across the board, not engaged with it.

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