In one of the numerous places in which I waste my precious life, there is an employee break room where, thoughtfully, a box has been left for used magazines that other colleagues might want to take home or, more likely, to the can. These magazines are not always up to date.

But while that matters with something like Us Weekly, it doesn’t with a craft and design magazine like Ready Made. I picked up a months old copy recently and found a charming ad (paid) for great raccoon stitch kit designs from a group called Eggpress.

The only problem was that the vanity listed was which will get you a great 404 error but no cute raccoons. Luckily, I am not an internet moron and found the lovely creature kits. My grandmother, a lover of lovely raccoons, would not have done so well.

If you’re going to use a vanity URL, make sure that it is maintained because who knows who might get interested in your product sitting on a toilet down the road.

Use this story as the impetus to go check all your vanity URLs right now.