Earlier, I posted this series of pictures and asked you to take a look at them and tell me what you think happened.

I have received a few responses, but no one guessed the story. After reading it, you’ll see that it would have been hard to figure it out.

Being part of Oddpodz has its perks, one of which is the location: Florida. One obvious reason we love it here – no harsh winters. No adding in 20 minutes to your commute in the morning to warm up the car, scrape ice off the windshield to then sit behind the salt truck and travel at the leisurely pace of 5 mph and watch your paint job take a beating.

Another perk of living in Florida is the unusual indigenous flaura and fauna. My favorite among them, the garden variety lizard.

Sometimes, the lizards sneak into the house, just as one did on the day of these photos. I was lucky enough to have a certified “lizard hunter” in residence. I immediately summoned said lizard hunter to take care of the intruder. Instead of his swift arrival, I heard a lot of thumping and thrashing upstairs. The hunter never arrived, so I went upstairs to get to the bottom of things. I went up with one eye closed because I feared that something bad may have happened to the senior lizard hunter. He is, as they say, long in the tooth.

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Well, to my astonishment, I saw his protoge sitting next to him as he stood tangled in a bathrobe. A bathrobe that had been neatly hung on hook high on the door. That’s photo #1.

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Senior got ticked off at something junior said…must have mocked him for getting himself stuck in a bathrobe. Who does that? So, senior grabbed a hold of junior and ate a clump of golden hair. Then, licked his chops. Junior yelped and shuffled off.

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Senior stood up and walked further into the sleeve of the bathrobe. Never once thinking to back up. He strained and pushed right through the end of the sleeve, trying to exit that way.

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Exhausted and confused, he gave up and sat down. I think he would have stayed there had I not called the local FD and had him extracted with the jaws of life.

I am not sure what happened to the lizard.

I told you it would be unlikely that someone would be 100% on the money. I did appreciate the stories, though. And, I SWEAR, 99% of my story is true. I did not have to call the fire department, but I did have to tug pretty hard to free him.

Just goes to show that even our four legged associates are one hundred percent oddpod.