Hey there BettyJoeMikeSueKatieAlanFredMattMeganTashaPeter. So I guess the meeting is cancelled, huh? Ok. That’s cool. Thanks for sending me the Outlook cancellation; and that little pun about the design team and needing more time and all was pretty clever. Just one thing:

Do you think you could have, oh, I don’t know, sent the cancellation BEFORE THE MEETING STARTED AND I WENT ALL THE WAY ACROSS TO THE OTHER BUILDING AND UP TO THE FIFTH FLOOR ONLY TO SIT THERE AND WAIT FOR 10 MINUTES??!??!?! Because that would have been swell.

You see, when the meeting is at 3:00 pm and you send the meeting cancellation at 3:01 pm and it takes me 10 minutes to get to the meeting location. Well, think of it like one of those math problems from the class you probably never took because you were huffing paint in the bus parking lot: If Dude has to be at a meeting at 3:00 pm and Dude leaves his desk where his MS Outlook is at 10 minutes before the meeting, then at what time do you have to send the meeting cancellation to make sure Dude received it and doesn’t waste his time?

But, other than that, you guys are A-#1s in my book; all of you. Keep up the good work.