The cleverly-named Stock.Xchge claims to be the largest free stock photography site on the internet.  It backs that claim up with a library of over 350,000 free-use photographs.  The high resolution photographs are professionally done, and can be used free of charge on your website, presentation, or business card. The site was created as an alternative to expensive stock photo sources, and has grown into a large library and community. Describing themselves as a community of photography-addicts, the site is also home to photo blogs and forums for meeting like-minded individuals.

Cost: FREE

Oddpodz Review: This is a fantastic resource if you’re looking for pictures to add to your website, blog, printed promotion materials, etc.  The image-use agreement doesn’t contain any trickery—these photographs really are free; even membership to the site is free—no need to buy subscriptions.  Just search for what you’re looking for and download the image—it’s yours.