Staples branding made easy button

Staples, the world’s largest office products company asked “Moi”, or as many of you know me the Branding Diva®, to provide small business branding tips as part of their new and improved Copy and Print shop services.

The branding tips I provided are being featured in their national media campaign and in hundreds of news sites around the US.

Plus, until November 11, 2011 Staples is offering 30% of any printing or copy job over $30.00.

Here’s what I said about small business branding:
If you’re a small-business owner, creating a distinct brand image for your product or service is essential – and can be accomplished through some very simple methods,” said Karen Post, the branding diva® and author of Brand Turnaround. “Staples new print service has everything a small business needs to make their brand stand out with brand image, consistent and high quality marketing materials and develop customized business cards and stationary.”

Start with a game plan: Ask yourself, how do you want people and customers to think about you or your business? Consider what your story is and what makes your product, service and company unique.

Make your marketing consistent: Keeping a consistent message across all your marketing materials and efforts can help customers remember your brand. Cross media consistency is key – from printed materials to your website and online image to reinforce the personality of your company.

Make it yours: Distinction cuts through clutter. Consistently communicate what’s unique about your brand and company.

Audit your brand “touch points”: How does your marketing message come in contact with – or touch – your customers? Many small businesses reach customers through postcards, business cards, letterhead, banners, brochures and other marketing materials.

Stay tuned for more with Staples and the Branding Diva®.