If you’re like me then, well, I’m sorry. But also, if you’re like me, you do a great deal of reading online but also like to collect random stuff to print out and read later at home, on the subway, in the bathtub. Here are a couple tips on how to get the maximum value out of your take-home reading. 

One thing I like to do during my days is to keep a temp MS Word document saved to my desktop. Every time I come across something I want to read later I simply copy all the text on the screen and then dump it into my Word document. If it’s an online magazine page this is easiest by clicking “printer friendly” or “print” versions and then copying (not printing though) from that window.

Finally, when then end of the day comes I go into my Word document and scroll through and delete all the pictures (those are for children’s books and porno). Then I go the “edit” top menu and “select all.” Next change the font size all to 10 or 11pt. and an easy to read font like Arial or Times New Roman. Finally, go to the top and bottom margins and stretch them out as far as possible. Now you’re maximizing your print job and saving paper.

Tip: Magazines are hard to read on the treadmill because you’re no steady enough to read the tiny print. So if you use the elliptical, bike or treadmill in the gym, why not try printing your reading material in a larger font size thus making it easier to read while huffing and puffing along. Heck, if you’re a lawyer you might even be able to bill for that 4 mile run.