My good friend Jim Blasingale, fellow entrepreneur and host of The Small Business Advocate Radio show,  invited me back to his show this morning, Monday, at 7:00 AM Eastern time.

If you missed it, click below to listen to the two-part interview discussing:
1) Reinvention of you or your business for the new year
2) How small business branding is changing

Also check out Jim’s site. On the air since 1997 and the Internet since 1998, it’s packed with insight and multi-media content from some of the top business experts from around the country. Jim’s show is the world’s only weekday radio program dedicated to small businesses.

What will you do in this new decade to be more honest and authentic? Rebrand your business? Listen to the 1st half of the discussion.

Click below to hear the 2nd half of the discussion on the impact of business branding in the 21st century.