Three topics that interest me and all have some synergy.

Seth Godin is one of my favorite smart guys. He’s a best selling author on business and marketing, The Purple Cow, Permission Marketing, Linchpin just to name a few,  a prolific speaker and a great thought leader. I so admire his insight and style. I regularly visit his blog, his books and videos for inspiration. Seth and his work always challenges me to notch my work up even higher.

He like I were both born in Buffalo, New York in 1960. So that gives us, give or take a few months, 18, 250 days of life experiences to tap into when we tell stories, make points and or argue about something we don’t agree with.

Our backgrounds are quite different and very similar. Seth went to Tufts University and studied computer science and philosophy, I went To Bauder to study fashion.

We both have written books, are serial entrepreneurs and speakers. Seth gets the volume badge on book sales. But, I definitely score higher on the more hair award.

I’ve thought about Seth Godin, Buffalo, NY and being 50 this week.

In the Seth case, it’s because I often analysis other people with commonalities to me, and ask, I wonder what their biggest, best break through moment, day or decision was in their life that resulted in reaching significant goals? I also think about what was their most profound failure that contributed to their current success? All high achievers have a collection of both.

Buffalo, I hate to break it to you, but, usually when I think about you, like I did this week was when I’m dipping my hot wing in some blue cheese dressing, and for a nanosecond, I think thank goodness for Buffalo and The Anchor Bar and that they discovered this extraordinary culinary delight.

And my last item of interest, that I’ve thought about this week,  being 50.

I was playing tennis last night. And my body was really sore. I’ve played everyday this week and my joints were screaming. After making a smoking point from serve, I made a comment to one of my team mates about this pain, and she voiced back. “Well, you know you are not as young as you used to be, Karen.”

There was silence. I looked around, remembered that I did not play tennis 10 years ago and that I was in the best athletic shape of my life. I stated back, “Oh, but  yes I am”.

The results of my pondering mind this week.

Identify people you admire and observe them often (This is not the same as stalking).
1) Pick 2 or 3 colleagues in your industry and learn from them. This can happen without ever meeting them in person. I’m lucky, I’ve met most of Muses. Never compare their wins or defeats with yours, they are equally as important, but do challenge what you are doing with the inspiration you garner from them.

Honor your place of birth, even if it’s related to a high fat food item.
2) Seriously I love Buffalo. And I’m grateful that it provided my mom a nice place to give birth to me and others like Seth, Tim Russert, Supreme Court Justice John Roberts, Wolf Blitzer and Rick James.

Own your own story. Don’t buy into what others may believe.
3) My tennis pal may be feeling like she’s getting older. She can buy that story. I feel like I’m getting better and younger. That’s my story and I’m stickin to it.

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