Scribd began with the observation – “that there’s a writer in all of us.” Scribd is a social publishing site, the YouTube for document sharing.  It provides a central storage place for others to publish and discuss original writings and documents.  Scribd uses it own document reader, making it simple for anyone to access documents without downloads or compatibility issues.  Here you’ll find not only free eBooks, but much more as well—Scribd is a platform for many types of writings—from class syllabuses to sheet music to brochures to novel-length works of fiction. With Scribd groups, you can share documents within your circle of friends, your organization, or your online network.  Documents can be made private and secure, or shared with the world.

Cost: FREE

Oddpodz Review: There are a lot of uses for Scribd—as it’s an innovative new platform for reading.  Maybe you have the first chapter of a novel you want to put out there to gauge a response; maybe there’s an old college essay on your hard drive that you want to share; it can help you run your business by liberating your hard drive and helping you organize your documents with tags and categories.