It’s never easy to let go of something that’s been a part of you, your work and your life for years.

Brands come and go.
Some last longer than others. Recently Procter and Gamble alluded to saying goodbye to approximately 20% of their brands – the underperforming ones. The ones that didn’t align to the company’s core business and the ones consumers just don’t care about anymore. One of these includes Ivory soap. If you were born before this decade, you know the brand.

Gerry Willis of Fox Business invited me to chime in on this change.
Karen Post, brands going away

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Consumers mourn the loss of brands they love.
Great brand builders know that time heals.
And the story can be reframed.

Change is the fuel of progress.
Stuff that was once relevant is out of style.
Relationships that were inseparable lost their passion.
Popular ways of doing things are now obsolete.

What do you need to lose or change to improve your outcome?
Your product.
Your packaging.
Your people.
Your attitude.
Your brand.

Back to Ivory Soap, They’ve been around for 135 years; kids don’t want to use things they read about in their history book. Now if they changed the shape to a smart phone or called it Zombie Suds, they may have a future.

Today’s loss is tomorrow’s gain.