A couple of weeks ago I presented a program on reinvention at the Florida Boomer Lifestyle conference in Clearwater, FL. My presentation focused on why it may be time for you to reinvent, why reinvention is so important and how you can start the process today.

My advice to anyone who wants new and different results—- REINVENT and embrace that

  • Down times fuel greatest GROWTH.
  • What doesn’t kill you makes U STRONGER.
  • Be clear on your values & goals THEY make the difference.
  • U can not always believe what others say or what your mind says.
  • U are the master of your destiny.

I also shared the high and low points in my career that drove my own reinvention path and noted that the bumps and challenges while stressful at the time, truly fueled my success. My talk was quoted today in the New York Times too. And if that’s not enough check out our new ebook called Reinvent you Ta-Do list. Reinvent U is just one of many, new, easy to read Ta-Do lists in the tools section. This and all of the Ta-Do list tools walks you through planning and execution of reinvention for individuals or companies.