We asked some of our colleagues and members how and where they find the fuel for their creative businesses, and they answered in droves!

Sharon Hill suggests the following.

‘I subscribe to news clip services and several blogs, along with many newspapers’ online newsletters and news feeds. It’s about 300-500 releases or stories a day and I pass most of them by but there are several that get me thinking, “we could do that” or “that gives me an idea.” And I never throw junk mail away – you’d be surprised what that can get you thinking about. I just stay open to how everything I see might translate into something doable. My job is about marketing and advertising and so a book, a magazine, a billboard, junk mail, and so many other things might start an idea.

I also listen to people. As a reporter, I’m always looking for the clever and insightful quote. What people say can get ideas going as well.

I also find that most of my creative ideas come early in the morning – some even wake me up. I spend a day or part of a day pondering a thorny problem and then somehow the night’s rest gets the creative juices going. I have this little recorder next to my bed so I can remind myself and go back to sleep if it comes to me in the middle of the night. Otherwise I’d never get back to sleep.”

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