By Karen Post, Branding Diva®

It’s no understatement to say women rule. They make up over 85% of the driving force behind the largest consumer purchases. Yep, they are a $5 trillion dollar buying machine. So what’s the best way to connect these powerful femmes?

Like I reported earlier, I’m in Memphis addressing a group of healthcare executives and here’s what I told them. Women process information significantly differently than men. Make sure you are speaking their language and that you are relevant to their worlds.

9 ways to connect your brand to women buyers.

1) Connect the benefits to their needs (What’s in it for me?)

2) Be likeable from the get go. Marketing begins at the first touch point.

3) Gratitude is very important. Thank yous earn big loyalty points.

4) Understand the sales cycle with women is slower. Many times, 6-8 conversations are needed before they act.

5) Women buy with their heads and hearts. Use emotional messaging.

6) Justification is part of most buying processes. Spotlight a multitude of reasons why they need your offering.

7) Details add richness and value. Easy comparison methods also further justification. Give a woman a reason to rationalize her purchase and she won’t think twice about buying it.

8) Women respond to convenience. Save them time. Make it hassle free. And women want to know you care, about them and others. Women will pay 20% more if they feel like their choice will help the community, the world and others.

9) Keep your pulse on popular women’s Web communities like:,,,,, and

Can you share any other marketing to women insight?

Do you have any favorite campaigns that you believe get it right?