Who ever told you that being a whiz in the kitchen wasn’t rocket science was right. It’s brain surgery.

How cool is this? A true sign of creative genius is when you can use a skill set from one part of your life and translate said skills into a seemingly unrelated vocation or hobby.

From a James Beard Foundation press release:

“Both a chef and a neurologist/neurophysiologist, Sanchez Romera practices what he calls culinary “constructionism,” an approach to cooking and eating that engages all the senses and builds on the memories they evoke. Sanchez Romera brings the mind of a scientist and the training of a physician to his creativity in the kitchen.”

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The doctorshobbies Web site explains “constructionism,” the doctor and his approach as:

“He is, above all, a creator of emotions and feelings, who, guided by his scientific character, inspires to amazing perfectionism in his culinary preparations in which chromaticism and geometry form a partnership to bring us closer to the magnificent world of surprise and pleasure, not forgetting a type of taste delirium created by a brilliant and exceptional technique and an unimaginable creative spirit. His style, which is called Constructionism, reflects an intelligent, elegant, refined cooking where, above all, real, authentic flavours and aromas that are gradually introduced into a world of magic and dreams to make the diner feel another dimension of the dish, based on art and the perfection of technique.”

If you have an empty stomach and a full wallet, Sanchez Romera will prepare his dishes for the first time in America at a fund-raiser for the James Beard House at $1,250 per person on Friday March 30.

We’d be quite interested in experiencing the culinary genius of Dr. Sanchez Romera. We can’t remember the last time we had a meal infused with magic and dreams. Some of our recent meals-on-the-fly (we’ve been travelling a lot) have been nothing short of the worst horror film nightmare.

We’ve talked about the holistic approach to creativity and problem solving. A previous pole vaulter Laurie Tema Lyn uses this in her consulting practice. She assembles a group of people from various industries and expertieses to solve business problems. We use our varied backgrounds to attack business problems and creative blocks. Give it a try and let us know what worked well for you.

photos from: doctorshobbies.com