This morning I had a tennis match. It was a beautiful Florida day, sunny and 68 degrees.

I’ve been suffering from plantar fasciitis, a painful foot condition. Not sure why I have it. I’d like to think it’s because I’m such a competitive athlete. Which may be part of it or it could be my body is just getting worn down and aged.

What matters is not the origin of any challenge, but how do you play and win when you are in excruciating pain and not feeling your best.

I was down 5, 0. My opponent was hitting perfect drop shots. I was not able to move fast enough to get to them. I was very frustrated and mad that I was letting my brain think about the ouch in my heels and not what I needed to do to come back.

I needed to make some adjustments fast. Here’s what I did that help me turn this match around. These moves can help in business too.

1) Talk to yourself.
“What the hell are you doing, Karen, playing like a big loser, the victim. Get a grip. You beat this woman all the time. You are going to beat her today.” Self talk and verbal affirmations work. Practice this every day.

2) Control the story and outcome you desire in your head. And don’t believe everything your brain thinks.
I got so focused on the ball and my follow through, that the pain was not even on my radar screen any more. Tennis and business are a mental game and you decide a lot more outcome than most people think.

3) Play one point at a time. Make momentum.
When you start winning again, the points add up fast. Even if you are a visionary, play and work in the moment. Momentum is a powerful force and it starts with small baby achievements and mounts.

4) Don’t let being down, keep you down.
Come backs happen every day. Believe this. Have faith in you. Athletes perform miracles when there are only seconds left in the game. Businesses on the verge of bankruptcy turnaround and so can you.

5) Don’t bask in the achievement zone; get ready for the next shot within seconds.
Yeah getting a tough shot or business score deserves a little inner praise, but in tennis and business your competition does not care what you just did, they are there to win. Marvel your points and results after your win the match or earn your next million.

6,5 6,1