by Karen Post aka the Branding Diva

Have you called yourself recently? If not, maybe you should. Not too long ago, I was in my car, running late to a client’s office. I called directory assistance. The operator kept giving me their fax number. Apparently, their phone number had fallen off a cliff some time ago and they did not have a clue until I reported the snafu.

Also, it’s not a bad idea to call your cell phone and see how you sound on your outgoing message. I’m a proponent of short and to the point messages, but depending on your business, consider adding some useful content or humor to your automated answering system or hold messages. After all, it’s part of your brand and audio image.

Here’s a few resources to check out if you would like to jazz up your phone messaging.

Are you doing something interesting with your phone message marketing? Or have you experienced something worth sharing?