Global travel and keeping healthy.

Next week I’m headed to Africa for five days. I’m addressing the Branding Journalists of Nigeria. The event is honoring two distinguished leaders, Governor Ohakim as the Most Visionary and Brand-Friendly Governor of Imo State and Professor Dora Akunyili as Most Noted Brand Ambassador and a pioneer in marketing and country improvement.

Turns out our American bodies are at risk to a bunch of nasty stuff. So I visited the health department today to be ready and on the offense.

If you are traveling abroad, you can do most of the research online. If it looks like a high risk area, go to your local health department as soon as you lock down your gig.

Also, secure a budget for some bucks and time. Unfortunately, I did not. So I’m out of pocket around $650.00, I got 4 shots, it took three hours and cost just under $300, plus I need to fill a prescription for some Malaria pill that I need to take when I get there. Times two, because I have a my videographer trailing with me. I chalk it up to the cost of business. I value my life and have no time to be sick.

Turns out I needed a Hep A, Tetanus, Yellow fever and Typhoid shot. In the ideal world, you need to get these 4 weeks before you travel. YIKES, more on the edge living for me. Anyhow, the staff at the health department was great. The educated me on the risks and simple ways to protect your self while there.

Warning: The shots hurt to get and both my arms feel like a truck ran over them several times. I suppose this is better than vomiting and dying from a Mosquitoes bite.

Some other tips:
Buy extra health insurance
As an added precaution,  I also bought a health insurance package from American Express. It’s $7.50 for a month, you can cancel after your trip, but it will give you some extra comfort, should something happen to you while you are out of the country. $50,000 and emergency transportation etc.

Use a Visa expediter
I use A1 Passport & Visa Express. Today, I finalized my passport renewals and got Visa almost complete. When you are going to abroad, in most cases your passport needs to have at least 12 months on the back end before it expires or you can’t fly.  All of these little things take time. Plan for it. But being an entrepreneur sure is fun and I can’t wait for my African adventure!!

Be safe when you get there
Pack light colored clothing items, not all black. Black attracts mosquitoes and mosquitoes can carry deadly diseases. Don’t wear any scented anything and hit mosquitoes with DET.

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