Tungle.me is scheduling made easy
Are you tired of trying to coordinate multiple peoples’ schedules to schedule meetings?  Try Tungle, a free online scheduling tool that enhances communication and productivity. Scheduling meetings will become easy and hassle-free because you can send invitations and propose multiple meeting times to different participants. Your Tungle calendar automatically syncs with your e-calendar (Outlook, Google, Apple iCal, Entourage for Mac and Lotus notes) and updates new meetings. Tungle also automatically adjusts the meeting time to your time zone so you don’t miss it.

Non-members do not need to sign up to reply to invites.

Here’s how to use Tungle.me.

  • To schedule a meeting, click on your Tungle Me link.
  • Your calendar with availability will appear.
  • Non-members will need to confirm their identity first by verifying their email.
  • Enter the meeting details.
  • Choose multiple meeting time options according to your availability.
  • Next, send the invitation.
  • Confirm a meeting time.
  • Tungle will send a reply to the other participants with the meeting details!

Tungle me is a useful tool for business professionals because it puts you are control of your schedule. You decide what days and times you are available. You also have the final word on what time and day the meeting will be held.

Tungle is available as an iPhone application, and Tungle Me buttons can be placed on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. To sign up or learn more, visit: Tungle.me.