I’m a huge fan of “Kitchen Nightmares” on BBC with Chef Gordon Ramsay. It’s one of the few shows I record on my DVR because I like his flashy style and his knife-sharp advice (pardon the pun); that is, after I got past his trucker language. He serves up some rock-solid business tips along with his expert chef knowledge. I’ve condensed what I’ve learned from Chef Ramsay’s show into these three rules of good online marketing. I’d love to hear what you think about it:

1. Create the perfect “menu”–offer fresh, high-quality dishes that the locals and visitors are looking for. (This is your fresh website article content and blog posts.)
2. Attract “guests” to enjoy it! –go to the places where people are hanging out and let them sample your goods, see others liking your offerings, and get comfortable with you. (This is social media, news releases, and other online and offline marketing and promotions)
3. Mind the “numbers” –keep your eye on the daily visitors, time they’re spending at your site, how much they’re buying, how much it’s costing you, and how often they return. (This is making good use of web analytics and business analysis.)

You can use these rules to make your website more profitable, too. Find out more about how to do this at my free webinar: “SEO for Business Results—Wake Up From a Kitchen Nightmare”

Wednesday, July 14 at 12 noon EST

Borrowing a theme from Chef Gordon Ramsay’s TV show, Kitchen Nightmares, see how your website is a lot like a restaurant. In this free LinkShare webinar I’m hosting, you’ll take away quick pointers on how to turn your website into an attractive, profitable, and visitor-friendly place that guests want to return to frequently. You’ll also get the recipe for “SEO Secret Sauce for 2010”.

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You might enjoy this“> fun clip of Chef Ramsay,” The Screaming Chef”, with David Letterman: