by Abe Sauer

Web marketers often sit around and brainstorm the best URL for a campaign. Generally, this URL should be all of at least three things, the third of which is usually directly affected by the first two.

1) Easy to remember.
2) Relevant to the product/service (e.g. is a poor match for selling staplers.)
3) Available.

The more a URL fits the first two, the less likely it is that the third will be met. It’s a reality of the expanding Internets.

So, from time to time I like punch in really obvious URLs. Who got there first, Are they maximizing its position, etc?

While cocaine isn’t really a very mainstream marketable product, it would seem that somebody (like Betty Ford?) would have snatched up Well…

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I’m no expert but how exactly does cocaine abuse treatment relate to a smoking hot naked woman’s butt and what appear to be calf-high white leather boots? In fact, it would seem that that these things are diametrically opposed, that being “treatment” and a SHNWB (of course there is an obvious correlation between “use” and a SHNWB.)

There appears to be no answer to this.

For more on the subject, check out the much more informative, but no less unprofessional, which has a section titled “When is it best to take crack cocaine.” (The answer provided includes “As a rule of thumb, it is profoundly unwise to take crack-cocaine.”)