Off to a mondo start for the New Year, we hope these stories add to your life and success.

1 – In 3 gifts that should be on everyone’s holiday wish list, Karen mentions three entrepreneurial qualities that will help any business owner to move forward. If you have not offered yourself anything during this holiday season, it is now time to make it up with (a) intention, (b) empathy and (c) confidence. Karen lets us know why this combo will make you a successful entrepreneur here.

2 – In How to turn competition into sales, Karen explains a mantra that we have all been hearing in business: “Competition is good!”. In this article, she shares one of her experiences listing three tips that will help you to make allies out of your current competitors. Read how to use competition for your business’ sake here.

3 – In Entrepreneur Corner features Karen Post on branding your small business, Karen invites us to listen to the Entrepreneur Corner online show hosted by her friend Lisa Malloy on January the 10th. The show can be seen here. Karen and Lisa will bring their expertise on branding development during half an hour. Check the program of the show here.

4 – In Step up your progress, passion and perspective, Karen wraps up 2010 by listing several moments that made her year a success. But, as usual, she also gives us the takeaway lessons that she learned on the way. Check out the Karen’s lessons of 2010 here.

5 – In How I earned the #1 spot on Google, Karen talks about the one thing every entrepreneur wants for their business: Get top ranked in Google search. Thanks to different tasks based on keywords, content publishing and tags, the Branding Diva made it to the top for the “branding speaker” search.

6 – What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the word ‘price’? In Mystery of pricing exposed. How much would you pay to look smarter? Karen Post talks about a fabulous new book she recently read that will get you thinking about how critical and motivating prices in our lives really are. To read more about this book, and to read Karen’s review, click here.

Check out the ta-do list and follow the same path here! And congrats Karen!