by Jocelyn Ring

We’ve all felt the warm and fuzzies from a brand when we’re watching their tear-jerker of a commercial, listening to a friendly voice on a radio spot, viewing the breathtaking, aspirational images in a glossy magazine, or taking them up on some wonderful offer that will save us money or change our lives.

Then, the deal is done and the brand is nowhere to be found! They say they’ll call. But, they never do.

We’re really not surprised that lots of brands forget us after the first ‘date.’ They wooed us, told us they couldn’t live without us and promised us the veritable rose garden, then they split. That’s just how it goes, we cynically say.

So, imagine my surprise when I received a Thank You card in the mail from an establishment that I had recently visited and from which I’d purchased some fine housewares. Not some horrible. form letter, computer print-out on 8.5″ x 11″ in copy paper, either. It was a hand written and signed by the salesperson that helped me and made reference to my specific purchases. As if that wasn’t enough (and, frankly, it was), there was also a gift certificate for 10% off my next purchase.

I have found that I’ve been most loyal to brands that say Thanks (and mean it) after I have completed a transaction with them. It is a very simple way to keep in touch with customers and keep a dialogue going. It is much more impactful and much less annoying than signing them up for email lists and clogging their inbox. These days using snail mail is a differentiator! Then, there is the much sought after, magical word-of-mouth. I must have told a dozen people about the thank you card and my wonderful experience. These raves are worth their weight in gold.

Minding your Ps and Qs can make a world of difference in your brand, whether it’s your company or yourself.

Has your brand done anything nice lately? Or, have you been pleasantly surprised by a brand?