When you have worked hard to create your brand image, you must always represent it in everything that you do. Consistency is the key to make your brand believable and indelible.

Here is an example of what not to do.

Karen had a car service that she used to take her to the airport when Oddpodz was based in Tampa. During one of her last business trips, she told the driver that she would be moving to Savannah, GA in a month’s time. The driver remembered this. When he arrived to pick her up for her last run to Tampa International Airport, the usually suit-clad, polished fellow turned up in pajamas and flip flops. Karen was stunned by his drastic make-under and asked why he was outfitted in ‘casual wear.’ His answer was that she was moving, so he would not be driving her anymore. Basically, his attitude was, ‘what’s the point.’ Unfortunately for him, it was a mistake.

Karen’s last and lasting impression of him was that he was unprofessional. Sure, he wouldn’t be taking her from her home in Tampa to the airport, but there were opportunities for future business. She could have referred him to colleagues in Tampa, or she could have hired him again when she returned for meetings or visits.

Even if you think you may be losing a customer, don’t lose your brand. In fact, it is an excellent opportunity to amp up your brand and gain referrrals or new customers. Make simple gestures such as thank you notes, branded gifts or tokens part of your follow up with customers. Maintain your pristine brand image from beginning to end of a customer relationship.