Take a brand break from social media

The last 60 days I’ve been MIA from social media. Except for a few random tweets, my social channels have been inactive.

While social media is seductive, persuasive and can influence behavior and actions that impact my economy and help build my brand, I consciously opted out.

My plate has been full with other branding projects, speeches and personal obligations that required my brain and bandwidth.

I’ve had an extremely good year, already surpassed my business goals and I wanted quiet time to do some deep thinking and assess what I felt good about this past year and what I needed to improve on or change.  I believe we’ve got to allow this down time to keep our brains fresh and productive.

Is it bad for a business or professional to disengage, ignore fans and friends and shut off their social feeds for an extended period of time?

Social media takes time and energy. As an entrepreneur or business leader you have to prioritize your resources and keep you eyes laser fixated on your goals.

Here’s my advice.

Do what keeps your train moving forward and your cash flow flowing.

Do what works for your business model. Social media is not a magic wand for everyone or every business. It’s one of many available tools.

Don’t you dare let those crazy, screaming green men make noise in your head, throw guilt into your emotional energy source and distract you from your focus.

If you are still on the fence, ask yourself this.

If you halted your social media participation will your community protest and throw a public fit, cut off your oxygen or erect a billboard in Times Square saying you’re a social slacker or miss you?

I’ve got a social community of over 200,000 contacts, not sure many even knew I was gone and everyone’s profile avatars still look happy.

Take a social media snooze when you need to. Enjoy the moment. Take care of you.

Brand on!