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Our person on the street in NYC “Zorbot” sent us an email to tell us about a recent must see show. Manu Chao rocked out in Prospect Park. Zorbot reports that the vibe was very cool with an audience demographic that was as varied as “that big jar of jellybeans on the boardwalk that you can win if you guess how many jellybeans are in there. Although it didn’t smell like jellybeans.” OK.

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Anyway, throngs of people packed in to hear some of his newer work, but also sang along to old favorites like Clandestino. Unfortunately, the weather was not cooperative. Dark clouds rolled in quickly and thunder began to clap. Zorbot reports that the audience tried to muffle the sound of the impending storm and wanted to hear more! Manu had to plead with them to leave and seek safe shelter after one final song. The Manu fans were so dedicated that they put themselves their well-being in jeopardy!

Zorbot’s bottom line: if you have a chance to catch Manu this summer, do it. If people are willing to risk a lightning bolt to the head, that’s a rave.

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