What makes your business different from others offering the same services? If you can’t answer that question than what are you doing? New business owners need to clearly and quickly point out what is so special about the way they are doing business. If you don’t know, your customers sure the heck aren’t gonna know — which means they aren’t spending money with you.

We are in the age of going green. Any company worth their salt is considering their impact on the triple bottom line and consumers are demanding more environmentally sustainable practices and products. Check out what FedEx did to get ahead of the curve in sustainability practices.

Oddpodz Free Biz Finds for entrepreneurs -- Carbon Trust eco-footprinting guide

You small business owners and entrepreneurs might be thinking “I am too small to worry about footprints and sustainability”. Wrong! Think about it. If your small business is running a green practice, no matter how small, that is something you can use to differentiate yourself on your websites, in your blogs, everywhere. Also, isn’t when your practice is small the BEST time to ensure you’re building a green practice? Isn’t it much harder and more expensive when you have grown to be a large operation? That’s what we thought. So here is a free tool from Carbon Trust to help you get it together.

Carbon Trust recently released a free guide to help you determine your carbon footprint. The guide shares how to perform two different kinds of eco-footprinting. The first helps businesses determine the carbon footprint of a particular product’s life cycle. The second helps businesses determine the footprint of the whole organization. The guide gives clear, step-by-step instructions for calculating these footprints. You will need to register (for free) with Carbon Trust, and the end of the guide is devoted to outlining the ways Carbon Trust can help your business.