“Honesty is the best policy.” I did not know that BF was the one that coined that oft-used phrase until I checked with Google today.

There is a guy named Brian who apparently agrees with the esteemed Benjamin Franklin. Brian decided to create a Web site about himself in order to meet that special someone. His site has no fancy pictures, no flowery language, but does have many unflattering photos and a list of his cons vs. pros.

There is an alternative school of thought that says one should put their best foot forward – even if that means taking your foot out of its usual and comfortable shoe and shoving it into a too small stiletto. Personal descriptions should be alluring, mysterious and fabulous – maybe even too good to be true! There are even businesses that have sprouted up that will amp up a profile and will perform miraculous makeovers that end with professional photo shoots.

The jury is still out on which approach works the best. I happen to like the WYSIWYG school. It’s much more efficient and less time consuming for all involved parties. I’m not sure how many profile views the average online dater receives, but Brian is well north of 77,000.