It seems like a week does not go by without a few lessons that no one told you about in any school or traditional learning forum. Every Monday I’m going to share what I learned. They will be random topics, some marketing, some running your biz, some life balance and some just dealing with people and technology.

Last week lessons.

  1. Postage costs in US. Snail mailing of large envelopes costs more, than mailing regular #10 envelopes. It does not matter what they weigh. The Post Office has separate rules for different kinds (sizes) of mail. I mailed 60 large envelopes and they were all returned. And what really sucks is, the Post Office puts stickers all over the short stamped mail, so you will waste all that time and materials.
  2. Mac batteries. If use a Mac and your battery is not holding its charge like the Mac promotional copy promises. You may be running battery sucking programs. I was. Turn them off when you need the battery and your computer will purr for hours longer.
  3. Linkedin banner ads. If you receive a promotional offer from Linkedin to try their small business banners ads, WORDS of CAUTION, after the the offer runs out you will be buying and paying for on your credit card for ads until you stop the campaign. I received a $100 certificate. Linkedin requests a credit card to use the offer. Mark your calender, other wise you like me will being paying for many more not free ads. And FYI- For my mistake of around $400.00 Oddpodz got no conversions.
  4. Linkedin groups. Linkedin groups are great way to build a community using Linkedin’s tools. I’ve noticed that each groups has different rules for posting. And unless you enjoy getting reprimanded, I’d recommend reading each group’s posting rules, should you decide to post items. For example, some groups will not let you post shortened URL, other won’t let you solicit people for other Linkedin groups and most will not let you direct promote a product or service.