Honestly other than the first two, I’ve rarely  met a bug that I truly  liked.  I know some eat other things that are creepier than they are,  but I’ve just never been a big fan of any critter.  And the only reason ladybugs make my cut is someone once told me ladybugs were good luck and I believed them. Plus, Ladybugs are aesthetically interesting, great color, nice dots. in other words, ladybugs are a styling insect and they don’t gross me out. In fact, this year I created a global brand and the ladybudy is one of our prized brand assets. And if you are feeling like you need some luck, you may be in luck. When I was searching for a good image of a ladybug for this blog post, I discovered that Sears sells the live lucky ladybugs for $19.99.

And who doesn’t love a Volkswagen bug. Whether you fell in love with Herbie the Love Bug or you are like me, it was the first car you drove, after first being terrified by that thing they call a clutch.

Bed bugs seem to be all the media rage, showing up in cities across America without an invitation leaving their nasty mark in the minds and bodies of many.  I’ve actually seen more news coverage on those blood sucking pests than on some political candidates that may end up running our country. That’s a scary thought.

But here’s the bug that really got under my skin this week, the technology bug. Defined by many as an annoying malfunction that happens to your website  and that takes a bunch of time to correct. Time that you could be using on marketing and writing interesting and useful blogs. We had one of technology bugs this week. Ours was concerning our twitter icon in the blog posts and in our ezine. It was not properly tracking all the blue bird Twitter love we were getting from our readers and that bugged me a lot. (which we very much appreciate, keep retweeting!!). So until we got it fixed the ezine was not buzzing into your in box.

Thank you Bryan our great IT leader and Phil our Feedblitz master.

Sorry for the delay, next week we’ll be back on schedule.

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