Last week we posted some cool, valuable and FREE productivity tools. I’d like to comment with a follow up thought. Yesterday, I started my day at 7AM and turned off my computer at midnight and as I lay in bed, I asked myself, “what big, meaningful items did I knock off my list today?” And, the list was decent. It included: a billable project (always good), a proposal that needed to be written to generate new work (always needed) and another weekly category of FREE Biz Findz, which is directly tied to my dream and mission. So, at the end of the day I felt productive, positive and energized to score even bigger results for the following day.

So how did this happen?

4 specific things I did to have a truly productive day?

1. Don’t take calls throughout the day. I didn’t take calls while I was working. I checked my phone in the AM and at the end of the day.

2. Pick your friends and time commitments carefully. When I friend of mine called to invite me to a holiday event, I politely declined. The event was with people that are not my prime target and honestly hanging out with this friend is starting to feel like waste of time, too. Nice person, but does not add anything to inspire me, or accelerate my life course. I know this sounds cruel and maybe selfish, but decisions and time commitments with friends need to support your dream or they too be become time suckers.

3. Treat your body and mind well. I exercised for an hour and didn’t drink too much wine the night before. Both of these actions produced better and more ideas and results.

4. Take a break from the computer. Think and write the old fashioned way – on paper. 24/7 staring at a computer screen will make your nuthouse invite arrive early.

About the author: Karen Post, a.k.a. The Branding Diva® is an international authority on branding, marketing, and entrepreneurial matters. She is has been featured as a business expert in print publications; on TV, radio, and on Web channels. Karen authored the best-selling book Brain Tattoos, Creating Unique Brands That Stick in your Customers’ Minds and she is co-founder and CEO of, an idea engine for creative professionals and business. Her work has benefited large and small organizations in the United States and around the world.