Launched in 1985, VH1 hoped to mirror the success of MTV,  but to an older audience. Through the years it’s jumped around with playing volumes of music videos to producing a wave of reality TV shows, some great, some worse than awful.

My love for  music has kept me loyal to this brand.  Since 1999, I’ve been big fan of The Top 20 Countdown show which runs on Saturdays and Sundays at 9AM eastern time and maybe once during the week too. If  you or your company markets and sells to any one in the 24-40 year age segment watching this show is a must in your weekly consumer research routine.

Here’s just a few insights I picked up today.

  • Pop culture trends
  • Fashion week in NY high lights
  • Concept metaphors
  • Strategies other big advertisers are using in their TV ads that run during the show (StateFarm, Burger King, Tide and
  • Sex still sells and so does pain
  • Slang – RT (artistic), Collabo (collaboration)
  • Seeing superstars like Adam Lambert and Chris Daughtry who took great risks and worked relentlessly to achieve their dreams. Both finalists in American Idol.
  • Nobody is too old to be understand and create great marketing. Seeing Clive Davis the legendary music mogul, who is much older than me,  still getting the music scene is encouraging as even the best marketing minds get older

Music is part of life. If you are not spending some time in the music space every week, you’re likely missing some very important beats in building your business and brand.

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