As entrepreneurs we have no shortage of challenges, setbacks and bumps in the road to our dream. That’s why it’s so important to celebrate your achievements even when they are small.

I had an amazing day.
It started with waking up, breathing and walking. I am so grateful. My brain and body parts all work.

I did a 30 minute show for FOX TV on the Super Bowl commercials. It was rocked. I have great chemistry with the anchor, did my homework, was smooth and had a blast. To learn about Super Bowl marketing, see my previous post.

My literary agent accepted the offer from McGraw-Hill, an international publisher to publish my next book, which will be called Brand Turnaround: How brands go bad and return to glory. It will be printed in hard back and potentially read by business people from around the globe. Look for it some time this next year.

I invited my men-tee, Jess English CEO of Simply-sitters from UT to shadow me at the TV station, it was cool for both of us.

I received a certified package from South Africa from the US Post Office. It was a copy of Entrepreneur Magazine, the South African edition with a big feature on me that ran in the US last year.

I closed three really cool speaking assignments with Pizza Hut, Saudi Airlines and Duchossois. That #1 Google listing is really paying off.

And I won my tennis match against a girl that usually beats me!!!

All my days are not this sweet. But, I always celebrate them like they were national holidays.

5 Ways to turn your achievements into a national holiday.
1) Treat yourself with something. I get massages. A nice bottle of wine, some chocolate or even a nice meal out can work too.
2) Extend your celebration to Saturday. The banks are closed, it could be for your national holiday.
3) Remind yourself how you did what you did, you’ll be impressed.
4) Blog about it, tell some friends, add it to your bio or the about section of your website.
5) Take the day off, give your self a cash bonus and enjoy the joy of being an entrepreneur!

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