We talked about defining your niche and sticking to it and building your network for referrals (for you to give and receive), but how does one go about doing that? We found an article by C. Richard Weylman filled with some great tips including this one. Feedback from your customers can help you hone your niche and communicate to potential customers the areas in which you are unique and truly excel. It may also get them to think about others that may be in need of your services.

“#5: To get quality referrals, ask clients to verbalize how they feel you helped them. It’s occasionally difficult for customers to think of a referral because they’ve never really thought out loud about how you’ve helped them. An effective way to solve that problem is to ask questions such as, “How do you feel my services have helped you?” Ask open-ended questions germane to your products and services. Be sure to ask in a way that stimulates your customers to think about your value to them, then ask for their referrals.”