QR barcodes are an easy and efficient way to market your business. These codes, also known as quick response codes, can be placed on practically anything tangible. QR codes look almost identical to barcodes that are seen on many products used today. The only difference – users scan QR codes with a Smartphone using the camera feature. Once the picture is taken, the user is directed to a business’s website, blog, or social media profile. Placement for QR codes could be used on business cards in place of psychical website addresses. They could also be placed on shirts, in newspapers, magazines, on mugs and even on sides of buses. These codes were invented in Japan and are slowly becoming a marketing trend in Europe and America. Many websites, such as http://www.qrstuff.com/, generate free QR barcodes to help market your business.

COOL idea for a trade show too!
Set up a large display of a QR barcode at your trade booth, it’s eco-friendly and says “your a pretty darn innovative marketer”. As folks walk by the booth, they shoot a picture on smart phone (they automatically have the QR application installed on their phone) the barcode automatically directs them to the website or blog.

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