I’ve read about these power posts, one hot post and a blog star is born.

Now I can say I have one!

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a blog post on how I was dumping Facebook, because I was not that into him. Bingo! My blog traffic spiked 300%. I received over 500 comments and I’m still getting comments weeks after.

So what was the formula?

1. Timing was good.
In the past 30 days Facebook has been in the news a lot over privacy issues. So pay attention to what’s already getting buzz and jump on those coat tails.

2. Be relevant.
The subject I wrote about connected to many business people. We shared the same pain, frustration and then a game plan to get out of dodge.

3. I used my LinkedIn groups to spread the story and engage others.
belong to nearly 50 groups on LinkedIn. I qualify them by common areas of interest and number of folks in the group. Rivers are much more influential than baby creeks. Then I post discussions and a link tied to my post. This drew an amazing amount of traffic.

4. A sexy title and fun photo never hurts.
There is a debate on titles, should they be provocative or search engine friendly. I’m a marketing chick, I say get their attention first then leverage key words in content, on images, and in the post tags.

5. Humor makes everything better.
I’m a snarky, dry humor, and sarcastic kind of girl. I turned an educational message on its side and presented it as “you’re dumped buddy” letter.

I just love when stuff like this happens! I will let you know about my next big hit. And we want to hear about yours too! Share the wisdom.