Getting married and want to make your older relatives shake their heads in a collective lack of understanding? Your company’s gone bankrupt and you want an appropriate way to celebrate?

Or do you own a restaurant and you’re looking for a cool little promotion that will probably get you some free press? Well then why put together a special Last Meal on the Titanic event?

Cooking Monster breaks down the final Titanic meal in all of its ten-course glory. As gout isn’t as much something to brag about as in ages past, you could mix and match from this menu to make a full set meal. Or, serve the whole thing and give people a taste of what it was really like:

“Each of the 10 courses was served with a special accompanying wine. Following the tenth course, fresh fruits and cheeses were available followed by coffee and cigars accompanied by port and, if desired, distilled spirits.”

Bonus: Put together a special 3rd-class below-decks eating experience for the kids by serving them a special meal of boiled potatoes in the restaurant’s locked basement.

Sorry this idea came so late. But there’s always next year! probably.