Personal branding, voice message
All right, maybe not everyone who reads my blog or gets my ezine is guilty of this brand-busting sin but a bunch of you are.

Your voice mail message, on your office phone or cell phone, is an important brand touch point. And it cost nothing more to sound impressive. This is free branding. Often those messages are the first impressions you give to a prospective client, a business colleague, a strategic partner, or a new friend.

So don’t even think about using the non personalized recording that comes with your phone. That’s LAME with a capital ‘L”.

So, is your message giving the best first impression?
Give yourself a call. If your message is not on brand, re-record it using these tips:

State your name.
How will a stranger know they have the right number?

Reflect your personal brand.

  • If you are creative, then do something creative and try changing it up monthly.
  • If you are a performer, like a stand-up comedian, say something funny.
  • If you are bubbly with high-energy, sound that way, don’t sound like you just woke up.

Keep it short.
People know the drill. You don’t need to give them play-by-play instructions.

Make sure the sound quality is good.
I recently called a broadcast producer and his voice mail message sounded like it was recorded in a busy subway station, with a back-up sound track of sirens and flying bats.

Your voice message is one of your no cost, or lowest cost, touch points you have. Make it on-brand and impressive.