The aging entrepreneur

For many years I was the youngest in many business situations. I was younger than all my employees, having started my ad agency when I was 22. I was also the youngest to sit on important boards and I was considered by many to be a very young entrepreneur running two companies.

Then one day that changed. I’m not really sure exactly when this happened, but suddenly—while I still felt young, liked loud, new rock bands, trendy fashions —I turned 50! YIKES!!

My amazing life has raced through three decades and now I’m not the youngest any more, except when I go to an event at my mom’s senior living community and thank God, I am the youngest there.

What I am still is very young-minded, contemporary and a hip aging entrepreneur. I’m not sure I love the way that sounds, but until I can find that back-in-time retro aging potion at Walgreens, what is, is, and I’ve got to embrace my new place in life.

Why not? Vintage wine gets better with years. So I’m going to turn my modern maturity, earned wisdom and even my new challenges into super-charged fuel that takes me to even higher places in business and in life.

So stay tuned for upcoming blogs addressing–

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