Are you frustrated with extra charges on your phone bill from using directory services like 411? The Oddpodz team has found a solution for you. It is so convenient to dial “411” to get directory assistance that we forget that phone companies charge for that service.  But lucky for us, Google offers a free directory assistance service at 1-800-GOOG411.

Goog411 is easy to use:

1. Dial 1-800-466-4411
2. Listen to the short advertising message.
3. Say the business you are looking for with the city and state
4. Google will give you a list of options
5. Say the number of the company you are searching for
6. Get connected!

You can also conveniently use Goog411 on your cell phone. After calling Goog411, you can say “text message” for delivery on your cell phone.  If you have a Smartphone with Internet access, you can say “map it” and Google will send you a map of the neighborhood around the business. Goog411 is easy to use, convenient, and most importantly, FREE.

To learn more, visit GOOG411.  Happy dialing!