From the article Brandtown USA, we learned that destinations can be branded. They can also teach you a great deal. Stuck in a creative rut? Get out of town, get as far out of town as you can. I know there never seems to be a good time to get away from work and other commitments. It’s much easier to say, “I can’t possibly! I am much too busy!”

You’re right. There is never a good time, but that’s not a good reason. So, just go. You will find that taking a few days off will help your brain, creativity, and well being by leaps and bounds.

I just returned from a week in Spain. I had an opportunity to visit some friends, and although my initial reaction was, “I can’t possibly!” I found all the reasons why I could possibly.

I went to Sevilla, Granada and Barcelona (all in seven days). It was a whirlwind, but what a jolt for my brain. Observing and participating in a different culture, soaking up history, art and culture, talking with people who have different ideas and viewpoints was eye opening. It gave me TONS of new ideas and energy for Oddpodz. I also got to conduct some informal polling and learn about creative professionals in Spain and Europe. Barcelona, in particular, was brimming with creativity. How could it not be when it is infused with the innovative and magical architecture of Antonio Gaudi.

Perhaps Spain will not be your destination, but get out and check out a place that is foreign to you, take it in, soak it up and you will be amazed at how it will impact your thinking and idea generation.

So, get out of town.