Lino It is Online Stickies. Face it; using sticky notes is simply more fun than writing on a boring legal pad. This is a Web 2.0 take on those old-fashioned, canary-yellow sticky notes. Using drag and drop features, you can organize ideas, plot your story, arrange talking points, even post pictures and videos, all on a virtual board. You could also manage to-do lists, or remind yourself of future appointments, all made simple by the calendar structure of the site. You can share this board with colleagues, friends, family, or choose to keep it private. Others can even subscribe to an RSS feed of your virtual stickies. The site has user-friendly, intuitive use, and yes, you can even choose the color stickies you want to use.

Cost: FREE

Oddpodz Review: This isn’t for people who thrive on organization. It’s for those of us surrounded by notes on scrap paper and distracted by shiny objects. And hey, we like it that way. Thumbs up for LinoIt for making organization less dull.