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Logoease – Free Online Logo Maker

With Logoease, you can design a professional logo for your business or product at no cost. Using the intuitive online interface, you create your own logo from a selection of high quality images and fonts. There are hundreds to choose from. Manipulate the images, colors and layout anyway you like, and the design is uniquely your own. Then you can download and save the file in multiple formats such JPG, TIFF, and PNG for web and print purposes. There isn’t a catch—no ads on the logo or memberships. The logo is yours for free to use where you want.

Cost: FREE

Oddpodz Review: Add a visual to your business card, at the beginning of your presentation, on your blog or homepage—it’s your design. . With the ease of use, you don’t need to be a graphic artist; you can start design your logo in seconds, and there are many logo samples to give you a few ideas and get you started. Logoease claims it’s as easy as blowing bubbles.

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