Speaker Magazine is published by the National Speakers Association which is the industry group for professional speakers. They offer resources for both “the want to be speaker” and “the accomplished speaker.” Fees vary depending on level of membership. In addition to the nation events and connections NSA has over 38 local chapters that provide many resources and excellent programming.

Cost: FREE

Oddpodz review:
You can always go to their site and review the monthly magazine for FREE. Before I fragmented my career into several different sectors, and time got too scarce, I was a member of NSA. The cost for a qualified speaker is $600. (You’ve got to prove you speak a minimum sized audience and earn a certain amount). With the membership you received a monthly CD and the magazine, along with opportunities for tons of valuable learning. If you’ve got the time and resources to join this is a good investment. I will likely get reinvolved once my calendar opens up.