TagCrowd is a tool that creates a custom text cloud of your website, writing, or any text. A text cloud is a visual representation of the word content. Words are given a weight based how frequently they appear in the text. Most-used words appear larger & bolder while lesser-used words appear smaller, creating a picture of the text. The website suggests the following uses:

– as topic summaries for speeches and written works
– as blog tool or website analysis for search engine optimization (SEO)
– for visual analysis of survey data
– as brand clouds that let companies see how they are perceived by the world
– for data mining a text corpus
– for helping writers and students reflect on their work
– as name tags for conferences, cocktail parties or wherever new collaborations start
– as resumes in a single glance
– as visual poetry

Cost: FREE

Oddpodz Review: TagCrowd can be what you need to re-visualize your work. You are seeing your words in a fresh way. This is great tool for visual learners.