Xpenser is a free business expense tracking tool that allows you to record expenses from any device – Email, SMS, Voice (call and say your expense), IM, Twitter, iPhone, or blackberry your expenses and have them automatically recorded and managed on Xpenser.com . Xpenser supports mileage tracking, automated currency conversion, budgets and balances, automated file-to-report, and a variety of other features. The base Xpenser offering is and will remain free, and we will be offering Premium (paid) accounts with extra features in 2009. Users who sign up before Premium accounts go live receive a discount.

Cost: FREE

Oddpodz review:
This is almost magical. I called a number from my phone, said “expenser,” and then said “taxi $34.50 from airport to Boston office” and within a few minutes was in my expense report. Same thing with shooting an email, within minutes it was there and ready to move to a report. And for those of you who like texting, tweeting or IMing, you can do it manage your expenses in your favorite communication way. Again the basic offering will always be free, so if nothing else you can keep track of your black shoe purchases by month.