I’ve been doing TV interviews for many years, Bloomberg, CBS’s The early Show and lots of FOX TV, just to name a few.

They can be a frightening experiences (live, no editing, no script) or they can be powerful opportunities (SEO, website content, exposure) to add credibility to your brand.

Last week I did a 30-minute, live segment on the upcoming Super Bowl commercials. So how did I pull this off – answer questions on the spot, with poise, and share a good amount of branding insight?

Check out the 2-part interview here:  Part 1Part 2

Remember this interview was a soft news angle with no controversy, I was not on the hot seat. If I was, I would have a different set of steps for that type of situation.

9 steps to smooth live, 30-minute TV interview.
1.) After the interview is booked, start doing your homework on the topic and think about the audience. I’m fortunate to have an awesome assistant, Lauren, who sourced three pages of stats, trends and history on the Super Bowl subject.

2.) Then send the producer, or your contact, a list of suggested questions with some key points from your research.

3.) The day before, review your key messages – out load.

4.) Before you go to the station, mentally get in the zone, run through your questions again.

5.) Always wear solid colors, not prints or tweedy fabrics.

6.) Women, where three times as much make-up as normal. Guys, wear powder, shiny face is not a good look.

7.) Arrive early, review your notes again. Breathe full breaths from your stomach.

8.) Write out your notes on index cards. Bring them with you.

9.) During the interview, pretend you are talking to your best friend, look at them. Relax.

10.) After the interview, get a copy. Watch it and learn from the experience. What can you do better next time?

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