Feet, footers

I hate ugly feet. They really bug me. I do my part with mine aiming to have them look their best. I keep the pedicurers in business, along with the nail polish companies. Always step forward in style with nice toes – is my belief.

Footers on web sites are something I’ve not given much thought to until I read a twitter retweet post today from @TimothyWhalin.  Here is one of the featured master pieces from Mecannical.

Brilliant footer design
OMG, my footers were uglier than some dreadful bad feet. I’m totally ashamed and I am re committed to coiffing them up. That’s right, the last thought on my blogs and websites need to be strategic and thoughtful soon. All my sites are going to get revamps within days. This touch point deserves some brain and should not be a skipped step.

How do your footers look? Seen any really hot toes at the end of blog or website, Do share.

Check these out.

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