It’s the new year and a good time to evaluate your brand. Join me and my friend Lisa Malloy, a business coach and host of “The Entrepreneur Corner” as we discuss: What branding is, Do you need it? and How do you do it?

Specific issues will include:
1. What does Branding your business mean?
2. Why is it so important?
3. Should your brand look identical on all of your marketing materials, i.e. website, blog, newsletters?
4. Examples of company branding?
5. How does one know if they have branded their business correctly?
6. At what stage in your business should you consider branding your business?
7. Is it expense to create your own brand?
8. Should you pay to have someone create your brand or should you create it on your own?

The 30 minute show can be accessed via on the afternoon of January 10th.

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